Help your baby hit speech milestones.

Join our early intervention program. Increase your toddler’s chances of overcoming communication difficulties.

Acting early can have positive, long-lasting effects.

The earlier your child receives speech and language therapy, the better the outcome regarding their communication abilities.

Prepare your child for success in kindergarten.

Strong speech, language, cognitive, and social skills are fundamental for reading and writing.

Save time and money when you act early.

It can take less time to treat a communication delay or disorder when families act on the early warning signs.

We help with Language delay, Developmental delay, Auditory processing disorder, Autism, Articulation or phonological disorders, Down syndrome and more. See our full list here.

Get help early for your baby’s communication difficulties.

The early years of your child’s life are the most critical.  Don’t Wait!

* We accept United HealthCare, Children’s Medical Services (CMS), and Prestige/ AmeriHealth Caritas Florida. We also accept private pay. We also accept private pay.

“ My son’s speech has improved tremendously in the past year and I know his therapist has a lot to do with it.  Every single therapist sent to my school was a dedicated professional who put her heart and passion in making a difference for my little students, one day at a time.”

Kathi Lebrun, Parent and Preschool Owner

Not sure if speech therapy is right for your baby?