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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept insurance?2024-02-09T21:08:17+00:00

Yes. Currently, we accept Ambetter, Aetna (commercial), Children’s Medical Services (CMS), and Prestige/ AmeriHealth Caritas Florida. We also accept private pay and the Unique Abilities Scholarship.

I am a new client; can I do an evaluation online?2020-12-15T08:35:22+00:00

Yes. We are still accepting new patients, and we will complete your child’s evaluation online.

What does a Speech Language Pathologist do?2020-12-15T08:25:06+00:00

A Speech Language Pathologist is a highly trained professional who evaluates and treats   children and adults who have difficulty with speech or language. 

Can you go to my child’s daycare or school to conduct evaluations and/or therapy?2020-12-15T08:16:32+00:00

Yes! There are several daycares and private schools that we partner with to provide services. You can find our ever-growing partner list here. If you would like us to become partners with your child’s daycare, please give us a call.  

How are parents involved in evaluation and therapy?2020-12-15T08:14:55+00:00

During the evaluation process, we gather developmental history from parent/caregiver interviews to guide the initial assessment, write treatment goals, and develop home programs. Clinicians provide feedback following each session. A Home Program includes suggested activities and other recommendations; it is provided regularly as a part of the treatment process. We believe that parents are their child’s first and best teachers! Check out our parent resources.

What areas do you serve at this time?2020-12-15T08:12:59+00:00

Currently, we provide speech-language services in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties. Our office is located at 520 NW 165th Street, Suite 205, Miami, FL 33169.

​How do I make an appointment or speak with a speech-language pathologist?2020-12-15T08:11:22+00:00

You can easily book an appointment through our online form here or give us a call at 786-623-4053

How long will my child be in therapy?2020-12-15T08:09:08+00:00

Graduating kids from therapy is our goal. It means that we did our job and the child’s concerns have been addressed. We do everything we can to achieve progress as quickly as possible. There is ongoing communication between the family and the therapist on the child’s progress. When it is agreed that the concerns have been fully addressed, it is time to graduate AND celebrate!

How often will my child need therapy?2020-12-15T08:08:18+00:00

Our Speech Therapy treatment plans are individualized based on your child, but most children require 1-3 times per week online or in-person.  Our therapists teach the parents and the child how to carry over the exercises at home. This complements the in-clinic treatment and leads to lasting change.

How long are Speech Therapy sessions?2020-12-15T08:07:21+00:00

The length of Speech Therapy sessions are individualized based on your child. However, sessions are typically 30-60 minutes long. The therapist will speak with the parent at the end of each session to provide an update on what was worked on during the session.

What if I am unsure if my child needs therapy services or an evaluation?2020-12-15T08:06:16+00:00

 We  offer a FREE online  Screening Tool that you can take. In just a few minutes, you can learn whether your child is developmentally on track. If you would like to speak with a therapist about your concerns, you can book a free consultation. A free consultation consists of a 15-20 minute phone call, during which you can talk with one of our therapists about your concerns without committing to a full evaluation. The therapist will ask questions about your child’s development, address any concerns you may have, and provide recommendations for your child. We also offer our FREE online tool: the Interactive Screening Tool. In just a few minutes, you can learn whether your child is developmentally on track.

How can I pay for services?2020-12-15T08:03:59+00:00

We accept all major credit cards, checks, PayPal®, or cash.

What should I expect when my child has an evaluation?2020-12-15T08:03:04+00:00

An evaluation allows a speech therapist the opportunity to assess your child’s development. This assessment includes a standardized test, observation through play, medical history information, and a caregiver report. Through the evaluation, it will be determined if treatment is necessary, and an individualized treatment plan will be created for your child. Treatment at Global Speech and Rehab Services cannot be initiated unless an evaluation has been completed.

What if my child has already been evaluated?2020-12-15T08:02:27+00:00

You will need to submit the report to us. Our speech pathologists will determine if the report is acceptable. If the report is deemed to be acceptable, you will not have to redo the evaluation.

Is there any paperwork I need to fill out prior to an evaluation?2020-12-15T08:01:39+00:00

Yes. You will be required to fill out our intake forms prior to your child’s evaluation. We ask that all requested paperwork be completed in full and returned to us 48 hours prior to your first appointment. If there is a delay in filling out the paperwork, your appointment will be rescheduled.

Do you involve parents in the treatment process?2020-12-15T08:01:08+00:00

Yes. Parents are a very important part of treatment at Global Speech and Rehab Services. Parents are always welcome to observe therapy, and parent education is an integral part of our treatment plans. Each session is designed to allow time for the parent and therapist to discuss the child’s progress and what was done during the therapy session. Home programs are provided to the parent to increase carryover in all settings and help the child become more successful in reaching their goals.

When can I get started?2020-12-15T08:00:16+00:00

Right away! Book an appointment with one of our therapists to get started.

What does a Speech Language Pathologist do?2020-11-28T05:04:06+00:00

A Speech Language Pathologist is a  highly trained professional who evaluates and treats   children and adults who have difficulty with speech or  language.

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